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About us

Lyfe Health is here to put better health in your hands. By combining powerful data-driven diagnostics with hands-on clinical expertise we look at the whole picture, championing proactive, preventative and fully personalised healthcare, designed for you and your life.

Every body, every day, every way

At Lyfe Health, we help individuals who want to better their everyday lives. Whether you’re recovering from injury or in pain, regaining movement and strength or optimising your sporting performance, we deliver physical therapy in every way possible – so that everybody can live their best. By choosing Lyfe, you’re choosing the right diagnosis, the right healthcare and the right results, every time.

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Feel better

When you're in pain, what you want most is relief. We use the latest diagnostic technology to precisely assess your body and develop a personalised plan to alleviate your pain quickly, so you can get back to living your best.

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Move better

Your balance, stability and motion all deteriorate over time, through sedentary lifestyles and getting older. With a focus on lifelong wellbeing, we’ll put together a plan to help you move better, complete with regular check-ups for consistent improvement.

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Perform better

Your personal best is yet to come. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, we will work with you to optimise your performance by understanding your goals and building a plan customised to you.

Our principles

Principles guide everything we do. We understand that healthcare is more than diagnosing and treating medical conditions; it is a deeply personal and transformative journey for every individual. Here's how we provide exceptional healthcare, every time.

Keep it painless

A visit to Lyfe should always be pain-free – figuratively and physically. Our processes are designed to be as straightforward, clear, and logical as possible – we don’t overcomplicate our diagnostics or make our treatment plans unnecessarily difficult. Courage and optimism are our guiding lights, but our client’s comfort always comes first.

Keep it personal

At Lyfe, we believe in health investment, not health insurance. That’s why we treat every individual as exactly that – an individual. By focusing on our client’s unique needs and characteristics, we’re able to pinpoint the right diagnosis and treatment, every time. We know nurturing health takes effort – so we’ll always put our time, energy, and enthusiasm into everyone who walks through our doors.

Keep it possible

We strike a balance between being unashamedly ambitious and realistic. We want to get the most out of our ourselves and our clients, helping them achieve their short and long-term goals. That’s why we give ourselves a healthy amount of stretch when it comes to setting targets – without letting things fall out of reach. By constantly seeking out new ideas, educating ourselves and staying disciplined in our craft, we simply know what’s possible – and what isn’t.

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