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3D Movement Analysis

Get the full picture of your musculoskeletal system with our world-leading motion capture and analysis system. Using a 3D model of your body, our practitioners can pinpoint the right diagnosis and best treatment plan for you, with results backed by the most precise human movement data available.

A three-dimensional insight into your body

  • Unique 3D modelling of your body
  • Captures motion data with unparalleled precision
  • Uses latest diagnostic healthcare technology
  • Delivers most accurate analysis of true body movement

Movement Analysis is a fundamental part of our diagnostics process. It helps us pinpoint where exactly pain or discomfort might be coming from. Now, using our cutting-edge 3D Movement Analysis system, our expert practitioners can get the full picture of your muscles, bones and joints – for a better diagnosis, every time.


How it works

The 3D Movement Analysis system is designed to measure both your movement and posture using a motion capture camera and biomechanical analysis software. It’s a pain-free assessment that takes 20 minutes. We’ll monitor your movement as we take you through a series of simple exercises, which will create a unique, dynamic model of your body. Using this comprehensive data and key biometric information, like your age, gender and height, the system can identify any asymmetries or imbalances that may form a key part of your diagnosis.

The 3D model helps our practitioners fully understand your unique body movement, joint angles, and loading, so, together, we can determine the right treatment plan for you.

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