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Rehabilitation Exercise

Our rehabilitation service is here to get you moving pain free. Because life’s better when you feel your best. We’ll support you to proactively manage an ongoing problem, or to get back on your feet after an injury or surgery. Using a combination of the very latest technology, highly experienced Physiotherapists and well-equipped rehab gyms, our approach limits your risk of reinjury with a focus on sustainable recovery.

Getting you back on the road to recovery

  • Exceptional rehabilitation gyms
  • Physiotherapists with elite sports experience
  • Tailored rehabilitation plans
  • Self-paced rehab stations with smart mirrors

The first step to getting you back on your feet after an operation or injury is understanding what you’re struggling with. Rehabilitation starts with a full assessment, using the latest technology to map your unique needs.

Once we establish the specific support you need, our experts will put together your comprehensive plan. One that blends hands-on physiotherapy with gym-based strengthening and mobilisation programmes – a treatment combination designed to bring a fast and effective recovery and limit the risk of complications or repeat injury.

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