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Posture Analysis

Get to grips with your spinal position, stability, joint and muscle function with our posture analysis. Using the world-class HumanTrak 3D Movement Analysis system, we build a 3D picture of how your body moves, collecting data from every tiny movement. Our experts use this to identify any imbalances or restrictions that could cause you pain or injury, now or in the future – and implement an effective treatment plan to keep you moving easy.

A full body assessment

  • Unique 3D modelling of your body
  • Captures motion data incredibly accurately
  • More accurate than the human eye
  • Gives a pinpoint diagnosis

One of the ways we analyse your stability, range of motion, and muscle function is through posture analysis. Our world-class HumanTrak 3D Movement Analysis system gives us a clear view of your posture and biomechanics – while you’re standing, sitting, and performing specific movements.

Armed with precise data and a detailed picture of how your body moves, we’re able to identify any postural deviations or misalignments that may cause you problems now, or in the future. Using this information, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan that includes corrective exercises, stretches, or manual therapies to help improve your posture and overall health.

How it works

Carrying out an assessment using the HumanTrak 3D Movement Analysis system is quick and simple – set-up takes just a few minutes. We’ll take you through a series of movement patterns while a 3D infrared camera detects everything your body is doing.

At the end of the tests, we’ll have a comprehensive report showing exactly what’s happening in your body – including any pain points, imbalances or areas where your joints are taking the most strain. Armed with this knowledge, our experts will put together an effective treatment plan and regularly retest to monitor improvements.

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