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One-to-One Pilates

More personal, more effective and more time-efficient. Equipped with Pilates Reformers, Towers, and a whole host of specialist equipment designed to enhance your workouts, our expert instructors offer one-to-one Pilates in our top-of-the-line studios. Book your FREE Pilates taster session today and start moving better.

Personalised Pilates at its finest

  • Dedicated Physio trained Pilates instructor
  • Tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Work on individual exercises or movement patterns
  • Work at your own pace
  • Better form will improve results

Booked in 30-minute increments, with instructors who are dual trained in Pilates and physiotherapy, one-on-one Pilates at Lyfe Health is more personal, more effective and more time-efficient.

If you’re new to Pilates or haven’t exercised in a while, these sessions give you the opportunity to work with one of our expert instructors at your own pace and level to become familiar with the Pilates equipment and comfortable with the exercises and techniques.

If you’re an experienced Pilates practitioner, or already attending classes, the one-to-one attention makes these sessions ideal for working on specific exercises, refining your form and technique or simply benefitting from the undivided attention of your instructor to help you progress further, faster.

If you’re recovering from injury or illness, or struggling with a persistent niggle, Pilates is highly effective for muscular and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Discover the world of Pilates with a FREE Pilates taster class. We’ll follow up with a one-to-one session to assess you and your goals, and help you choose the right class.

FREE Reformer Pilates Taster Class

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