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Lyfe Check-Up

Get the lowdown on your body with Lyfe’s comprehensive biomechanical check-up. We’ll conduct over 50 tests to assess your stability, movement, balance and strength, giving you a 360-degree view of your biomechanical health. Using our suite of world-leading technology, we’re equipped to accurately measure every major joint from head to toe, seamlessly providing a complete body assessment.

Proactive, preventative, personalised healthcare

As with eyes and teeth, your muscles and joints should be frequently checked to prevent long-term damage. By combining regular data-driven check-ups with clinical analysis and expertise, we enable you to see the whole picture and detect signs of risk early.

Our exclusive Lyfe Check-Up provides a 360-degree breakdown of your body’s current biomechanical health. We will run you through a series of tests and examinations to give you an overview of your musculoskeletal system. Annual check-ups enable us to monitor your body’s performance and track any changes over time.

How it works

Supported by industry-leading diagnostic technology, leading Physiotherapy Consultants spend an hour carrying out over 50 tests, from head to toe.

The Lyfe Check-Up measures the stability, strength and movement of your joints. We analyse the way you walk, your balance, and how your gait impacts the rest of your body. We also assess your posture and the health of your spine.

60 minutes, 50 tests:

We’ll fully analyse the movement and strength of the major joints in your body, including ankles, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and neck.

Following your Lyfe Check-Up, you’ll receive a clear written breakdown of your results, with any recommended training or treatment plan to kickstart your health journey, and support to help you live your best.

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