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Gait Analysis

Put your best foot forward with our dynamic gait analysis. By assessing the way you move, walk and run with our Footscan® Technology, our experts can address a number of issues affecting your body.

The first step in your road to recovery

  • Detects abnormal walking and running habits
  • Pinpoints heel strike and how your foot lands
  • Data-led results with tailored treatment plans
  • 3D-printed custom orthotics

Gait analysis is a simple way to assess the way you walk and run. At Lyfe, we use world-leading Footscan® Technology to identify any overactive or underactive muscles in the feet and get you moving better.

Whether it’s your foot strike or loading patterns, gait abnormalities can lead to varying chronic problems with our knees and hips –all the way up to our backs and necks. If left untreated, they can throw the whole body off balance and increase our risk of injury.

How it works

Footscan® gait analysis is a scanning system that provides a quick and accurate breakdown of your gait pattern. We use a matt-like ‘Force Plate’ that contains over 12,000 sensors to measure your biomechanics, balance and pressure spread, which help to inform your diagnosis.

Our experts will use this in-depth data to create a bespoke treatment plan for you. Whether it’s through strength and conditioning sessions in our gyms, or 3D-printed custom orthotics, we will continually monitor your development and make adjustments accordingly.

3D-Printed Phits™ custom orthotics

Our dynamic Footscan® technology can also be used to generate an orthotics design that perfectly matches the shape of your foot. Customised orthotics are medical insoles that help realign your foot joints and remove pressure from your overworked joints and ligaments. Phits™ custom orthotics are 3D printed using the kinetic data from our Footscan® technology. From ski boots to running trainers, cycling shoes to everyday wear, whatever your intended activity, these revolutionary devices can be tailored to alleviate pain and guide your gait in the right direction.

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