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Injury Assessment

At Lyfe, we believe that the right results start with the right diagnosis. Our industry-leading Consultant Physiotherapists use the latest diagnostic technology to precisely assess your body and understand your specific needs.

We know that every body is different, so we don’t cut corners when it comes to your assessment. To reach a clear and accurate diagnosis and help you get the results you need, we have a 3-step approach to our assessments.

The right diagnosis

Every journey at Lyfe starts with a 60-minute assessment by a Consultant Physiotherapist, where we’ll discuss your reasons for visiting, your medical history and get a thorough understanding of your personal goals. We then take you through a full body assessment using the latest diagnostic technology. The assessment includes Functional Strength analysis, a thorough Gait Analysis, as well as a 3D Movement Analysis that gives us the full picture of your musculoskeletal system.

A clear and ambitious plan

Following your assessment we will take the time to analyse your data, and at your next appointment provide you with a clear diagnosis, an in-depth analysis of your results, and a personalised, written plan to take away. Your plan is built by our practitioners and driven by our cutting-edge technology, all while considering your needs and lifestyle. These results will be presented to you in our dedicated Results and Analysis space, a visualisation room that features interactive tools designed to give you the clearest possible overview of your results and the plan moving forward.

Personalised healthcare

Your healthcare plan will include a tailored blend of treatments, exercises and classes, using our Rehab Gyms, biomechanical technology, Pilates Reformers and more. Each phase of the treatment plan will conclude with a progress review, where we’ll re-assess your data and make adjustments for continuous improvement.

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