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Reformer Pilates for Fitness

Improved strength, flexibility and balance – all in one? There’s a Lyfe Pilates class for that. Equipped with Pilates Reformers, Towers, and a whole host of specialist equipment designed to enhance your workouts, our expert Pilates instructors offer a range of classes in our top-of-the-line studios. Book your FREE Pilates taster session today and start moving better.

Bring balance back to your body

  • Reformer-based classes
  • A range of classes to suit your needs and experience
  • Help to build a strong, flexible and balanced body
  • Our expert Pilates instructors are also Physiotherapists
  • Large classes (4+ people)
  • Small classes (2-3 people)
  • One-to-one sessions

If you’re looking to boost your general fitness, Pilates is the perfect way to achieve your goals. We run a range of sessions throughout the week, so finding a class that suits you is no big stretch.

How it works

Looking to keep in shape? Our Fitness Pilates classes are designed to improve flexibility, strengthen your core and give you that hard-earned glow.

Our Pilates classes are for four to eight people. For bespoke support, our one-on-one Pilates sessions are a great way to focus you on your goals with a dedicated instructor.

Discover the world of Pilates with a FREE Pilates taster class. We’ll follow up with a one-to-one session to assess you and your goals, and help you choose the right class.

FREE Reformer Pilates Taster Class

Fitness Classes
General fitness, strength, and flexibility regardless of ability of experience.
Class Type
Designed for

Restore and Release

Uses mat work rollers and balls to prepare focus areas, and the Reformer to build strength and improve flexibility.

For active people that enjoy exercise e.g. runners, cyclists, and sports players.

Suspend, Rotate and Reform

Focuses on the use of Reformer, the Suspension Trainer and the Rotational Disks to improve stability, control and strengthening the core.

For the active and sporty. Particularly effective for rotational stability, required in racket sports, golf, and dance, for example. Also good for runners and cyclists.

Cardio Pilates HIIT

Uses the Reformer, Jump Board, and Dome accessories to deliver a high intensity cardio workout and improve bone density.

For people that want a low impact, high intensity cardio workout and don’t mind getting sweaty!

Pilates Reformer & Tower

Focused on movement, control and general fitness working the whole body using the Tower Reformer.

For everybody. A true strength and stretch class tailored to your ability, with beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available.

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Restore & Release Class

Gain the benefits of myofascial release and trigger point releases using a selection of balls and a release roller. Restore & Release classes use the mat on the floor to release sections of the body and then the Reformer and Tower to build strength, lengthen muscles and increase mobility around the joints.

This class is ideal for those who exercise a lot – runners, sports players and cyclists – who tend to build muscle bulk that often limits flexibility and mobility.

Suspend, Rotate and Reform Class

This class is focussed on three pieces of apparatus – the Pilates Reformer, Suspension Trainer and Rotational Disks. We challenge stability and control of the mid-section of the body as well as control around the shoulders, hips and ankles. With a combination of balance, functional body weight activity and controlled isolation of parts of the body, this class is a challenging workout. It helps to be exercising regularly but it is not necessary to be very experienced at Pilates.

Cardio Pilates HIIT Class

This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout focuses on Plyometric work on the Jumpboard in Supine prone, side lying and kneeling positions. Cardiovascular exercises are inserted between targeted toning exercises so that heart rate is working between the aerobic threshold and the Anaerobic threshold. Ideal for those wanting to come away with a sweaty glow and pounding heart. It’s a low impact cardiovascular workout which enhances bone density for those under 40 whilst targeting the rest of the muscles between cardio intervals.

Pilates Reformer & Tower Class

Pilates is often described as stretch with strength which would be a good description of this class. It is focused on more traditional Apparatus Pilates for those purely looking for an opportunity to take a classical Pilates Reformer and Tower class.

This class focuses on movement control and general fitness working the whole body. We consider both the modern biomechanical Pilates principles of breath, pelvic placement, ribcage placement, shoulder placement and head/neck placement along with the traditional Pilates principles of breathing, centering, control, concentration, precision, and flow.

The focus will mainly be on the use of the reformer and tower but will also incorporate the small equipment such as the balls, bands, and suspension trainer.

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