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Functional Strength Analysis

When joint issues or muscle imbalances are causing you pain, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. That’s why we use ForceFrame. This cutting-edge system’s powerful sensors show us precisely where you need to build strength and stability, so our experts can advise on the best treatment – ensuring your personal best is yet to come.

Powering up your recovery

  • Identify muscle imbalances and weaknesses
  • Measure strength in a wide range of positions and muscle groups
  • Prescribe specific treatments and exercises
  • Rebuild muscle strength to treat injury or boost performance

Muscle weakness can still hold you back, even after you’ve recovered from an injury or operation. To identify where your muscles may not be working as well as they should, our experts use a range of diagnostic tools. Our most advanced is ForceFrame – a versatile system offering isometric strength testing and training across the upper and lower body.

How it works

Using advanced sensors, ForceFrame gives us real-time results and analytics for more than 35 different positions and muscle groups – often spotting under-the-surface issues that are tricky to trace. This detailed picture helps us to target your health hotspots with the appropriate treatment and exercises.

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